Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Shop Pictures

OK, so I have been missing for a bit, and this is why.. I expanded a little in one shop and I have been busy sewing and re-doing furniture.. Here are some pictures of the shop spaces.
Here are the chairs I did not the before of.. They were just dark brown and scratched up.. but the cane is in excellent shape!

The mirror is not mine and I think I may move it.. and expand my aprons with the holidays coming up.

I need to put my rug in, hang up more stuff and take the rest of my inventory down.. It will be packed in about two weeks!

This is the other shop I have things at, right next store.. We are the same shop, but I put more of my "sewing" stuff in one and more furniture in the other one.. The pretty white furniture is the handy work on my awesome husband who helps me do it all!

I figured out how to make these prints.. I will so a tutorial on this in about two weeks.

My girls favorite office chair.. which if it does not sell, will come back home with me.  We are in the middle of switching out our furniture and re-doing our basement.. It is a huge MESS in short.

No sooner did I get these pictures done, the bookcases sold and I helped the lady take them out.. Then I had to redo the booth again :)  I'm not complaining at all!

This was my husbands idea!  I love it, not that anyone in my house would actually obey this :)

My favorite saying..

A few Burlap wine bags..

A collection of sheet music framed. .The best cheapest art you can find!

Don't ask me why, but I just love these old bottles.. Maybe because they remind me of my childhood, or just the graphics.  I know a few are about to become a birthday gift for a dear old friend who will Just love these!

This actually rolls up and is the coolest little thing.. I have had it for years and really just don't use it..
If you see anything you like, shoot me a comment or email and I will be happy to ship anything you see.. except the LARGE furniture of coarse, lol.. Have a great day.


  1. Such cute items! Wished I lived closer and could come peruse the shop. Love the "Just one" jar!

  2. Oh my Mechele! You HAVE been busy. Both your spaces look wonderful. I love the way your chairs came out with the cushions. I envy your energy and creativity. You have a good start on being stocked for the holiday.s