Friday, October 7, 2011


I have been a bad blogger lately.. busy with school stuff for the kids, I did manage to find this great subway sign for $22.00 at Home Goods,but I have been so busy, the blog took a back seat!

Speaking of seats.. take a look at these chairs I found.. I know I am terrible at taking before photos but they were a dark brown.. I am in the process of making new chair cushions and I promise to take photos of the finished product..

I have squeezed in a few sales here and there.. found some awesome old fabric scraps at a sale around the corner.  These were mostly old clothes the lady had saved because she loved the fabrics..I bought a few, all for $3.00 and then washed them up.

This yellow an white was a old dress

This is black and white and was an old curtain at one time

This is Navy blue and white and was part of a dress..

And this sweet little number was a vintage dress made back in the 40's or 50's by Designer Mollie Stone.. LOVE it.. she will be displayed on one of my ladies with an apron around her dress :) 
I am expanding my space at the Mercantile.  I will down there this weekend working on that and getting it stocked for the Holidays.  Lots of great items going in the shop weekly, so if you live close, stop by.  I am hoping to get my esty shop re-stocked by next weekend.  I promise to take photos of my shop space too.  Have a great weekend!

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