Monday, October 31, 2011

Vintage Cupcake Picks

So I have a confession to make.. I have a thing for vintage cupcake picks!

These are just a "FEW"

I had a ton of cakes when I was little with these little ballerina's on them.

Valentine's Day

A few of my Christmas ones

Baseball ones too.. and bowling and a few other ones


Yes, more Ballerina's

Even a few freaky Clowns

Tons of holders for the candles too..

More Halloween

And Beer Cans..

It is a strange collection.. but one I love and a cheap one.. I go through drawers and cabinets at estate sales and flea markets too..

I have them stored in plastic to keep them clean and damage free

And I have talked myself into actually "using" them.. I used a few at Christmas one year and made it very clear they were NOT to be thrown away, lol.. I had a bowl on the dessert table for them to be placed in, so I could use them again!  I'm hoping these 4th graders understand Mrs. Hyatt's crazy obsession with these today and obey the rules, lol.. Just Kidding...

Here is Macy's list she left me of things to "Remember".. I love the last one... to give Sampson a treat.. She loves that dog.

Here is an awesome idea.. I found this at a local shop in Milford and loved it.. It's an old window with "Give Thanks" on it.. It will be around till after Thanksgiving..

Found this adorable little light up ghost there too.. I mean how flippin cute is this and easy to make too!

And my FAVORITE for last.. my new light from Pottery Barn.. thanks to my Mom! I love it.. It is beautiful in my livingroom.. which I am still tweaking..
Well I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.  I am super excited about seeing all the little kids in their costumes..It is one of my favorite holidays of the year!
Have a great day!

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  1. Your cupcake pick and candleholder are so cute. What a great thing to collect. You have so many.
    Your daughters list for you is precious. I was always leaving lists for my kids, but love how she made one for you.
    That lamp is amazing. Have never anything like it. You'll have to post a picture of it in your newly decorated living room.